Sing, But Keep Going

The past few weeks have brought a tremendous spotlight to an issue this country has been wrestling with since its inception. It’s been saddening to think of what it’s taken to hit this point and disappointing still to see some of the pushback to the message, but in so many ways, the change that’s transpired has been inspiring. Black lives matter. The structures that have been oppressing and killing people of color need to be reconsidered from the ground up. And the work that’s been done is only the beginning.

If you’re looking to make a change:

  1. Protest. Demand a change. Let your local government know where you stand. And prepare to vote. Register, research, schedule the time, and then show up and vote.
  2. Donate. Bail funds are a great place to start. The ACLU is always fighting for these causes. Whatever your cause, check on the latest news from the charity to which you plan to donate, and make sure you know that they have a plan for your money. Make sure it’s going to get used as you expect.
  3. Educate yourself. Follow people of color on social media. Subscribe to their newsletters. Read books. I recommend Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me.

If you manage a team, make sure you’re taking extra time to check in on them in your one-on-ones. Some of your team members are exhausted, some might be out late protesting, others might be directly affected. Any of this could also apply to you. Take care of yourself and your energy so that you can help support your team. And if you’re ever at a loss for what to say, you can always ask a question. Spend time trying to understand where your team members are at so you can better play the role you need to help them out.

There’s a road we’re on, and we just have more to go. Celebrate, but stay focused. Sing, but keep going.

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